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AVAILABLE NOW Minson's Guide To Specialty Hospitals

A comprehensive guide for your stroke, cardiac, pediatric. trauma, and burn hospital destination

It can happen at any time. An accident, stroke, heart attack, pediatric emergency or catastrophic health event and the question posed may be, "What hospital would you like to go to?"

Or perhaps, a loved one has been admitted and the first question asked is, "Is he or she in the right kind of hospital?"

Now you will know!

Most people think a hospital is a hospital and that you can get the same care at each. Unfortunately, that is not the case, especially when it comes to specialty needs like trauma, pediatrics or even cardiac care. After seeing to many cases where proper care was delayed, or worse unavailable, until it was too late, our team decided it was time to put the power of information in the hands of parents, consumers and patients.

Our team has created the only national database of specialty care hospitals based on the 5 most commonly esoteric of capabilities: stroke, cardiac, burn, pediatrics, and trauma. Drawing from state departments of health, homeland security, emergency management, professional organizations, professional societies, non-governmental organizations, hospital associations and more this data is now available to anyone in a simple, easy to use app.

Technology Whether you are traveling and want to know where you should go for stroke or cardiac care, are planning a location project and want to prepare for the best personnel support, or you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a new condition and you want to know where to go for the most appropriate specialty care, this app will assist you in your preparations and decision-making.

How it works

Just download, subscribe and search by location or specialty


AVAILABLE for iOS and Google


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