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Matthew Minson, MD is an author, inventor, cartoonist and clinician and holds appointments and assignments as the Senior Advisor for Health Affairs for the Texas Engineering Extension Service, and at Texas A&M University. An acknowledged expert on austere care and disaster medicine, he additionally has served as the Medical Director for Texas Task Force One, FEMA-USAR at Texas A&M University and he is an editor for Health and Science at the Texas A&M University Press and the Texas Press Consortium.


He has been a member of the Chancellor's Council at the University of Texas and is a principal member of the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committees 472, 473 and 475 establishing Competencies and Standards for Responders in Hazardous Materials and WMD Environments.  He has also served as a member of the National Sheriff’s Association Committee for Homeland Security.


He is also the Medical Director for Superior Energy Services and oversees all elements of the International Health and Medical endeavors for a multinational corporation providing the majority of the global market for upstream energy sector disaster response, engineering, and firefighting.


Previously he was Senior Medical Officer for Strategic Initiatives at USDHHS  Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response where he served in leading the creation of the National Health Security Strategy as well functioning as a liaison to the WH IPC for First Responder Protection, Biodefense,  and Chemdefense. He was the liaison to the United States Agency for International Development and RMT deputy coordinator for the health and medical humanitarian response to Haiti.


He served as the Director of Office Preparedness and Response at the State of Maryland’s, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene where he had responsibility for all aspects of Emergency Support Function #  8, Health and Medical for the State of Maryland. This included State Strategic National Stockpile, Emergency Management (8), PHEP Cooperative Agreement Enterprises including the Cities Readiness Initiative and Pandemic Preparedness. While there he oversaw the ESF # 8 activities for Repatriation of American Citizens from Lebanon Conflict, 2006 and more.


Before that he was the Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Medical Review at the Harris County (Texas) Department of Public Health and Environmental Services. Dr. Minson has enjoyed a broad deployment history with notable entries of the World Trade Center Attacks, numerous hurricanes including Katrina and Rita, The Columbia Shuttle Recovery, The response to the earthquake in Haiti, the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response and the West, Texas explosion.


Dr. Minson received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch and completed his residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Texas Medical School, Houston. He resides in the Houston area with his wife Kelli.


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