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Prepare to Defend Yourself . . .

How to Navigate the Healthcare System and Escape with Your Life

Matthew Minson, MD


A patient’s survival guide for twenty-first century healthcare.

Prepare to Defend Yourself . . .
How to Age Gracefully and Escape
with Your Dignity

What critics and readers are saying about Prepare To Defend Yourself: Healthcare...


"Priceless ! I will be buying more copies to give away to family and friends - every house should have one of these books. Very informative without being stuffy." 


"Prepare to Defend Yourself is a book worth reading by anyone interacting with the health care system. . . Get it. You will not regret having it.” —Galveston County Daily News


 "...This title provides expert information on a personal level using layperson's terms. The text succeeds by straddling both patient and medical professional sides of the system. Highly recommended for consumer health readers."—Library Journal


"If you or a loved one is going to the hospital, take this book. Who speaks for an incapacitated patient? What the heck are all these abreviations? Is grandma taking so many meds that you wonder if the net effect is negative? Who should you call if you start feeling poorly? Are there important differences among RNs, nurse practitioners, and MDs? Who REALLY runs a hospital? This book answers all those questions and a thousand more..."



"... Delightful and witty... everything concerning age and its implications is covered."

I am amazed at the amount of information and compelling advice Dr. Minson has included in this book on aging. This is the second book in a series he has written. The first, on demystifying our Health Care System; and now, explaining the complexities of aging, how to protect oneself as you age, and how to help aging loved ones during the course of this complicated time of life.  Complex issues are explained through humor, history and science in ways which are engaging, sharp and entertaining. The information and advice imparted is absolutely current, and addresses the many challenges and adjustments Seniors, families and caregivers face in their daily lives.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book."

"This is a ‘how-to’ book that every senior and soon-to-be senior should read. It describes changes and challenges seniors face as they age. Dr. Minson suggests ways to deal with these, and he does so in a humorous and entertaining way."


"Love the cartoons!"


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